Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hong Kong – My First Experience Was Like ‘WOW’

I came. I saw. But, I didn’t conquer he he he.

It’s been a month now since I arrived from Hong Kong. Haven’t found time to write this blog right away after I arrived home as my schedules have been hectic, with a full time 7-3 office work along with church and civic activities on the side. What can I say? My first Hong Kong experience was like ‘WOW’!

Well anyway, twas my first trip ever outside of the Philippines so imagine my over excitement. It isn’t every day that you get invited to a tour abroad so when my richy-richy sister said she’s paying for my expenses, I didn’t have second thoughts.

And to make the long story short, there I was on a Cebu Pacific flight from Davao to Manila and on to HK together with my sister Doris, my niece Felice and two of my sister’s high school buddies, Gina and Jessie Mae.

My first glimpse of the metropolis at night...upon arrival

The first thing that caught my attention (and curiosity) upon arrival was the HK skies. While up there, pilot announced we have to hang around for a while since there was heavy traffic on the ground. So, I got a good view of the sunny afternoon skies plus the views down below and thought it was just around 4 pm when in fact twas already 6 pm. Back in my country, the 6 pm sky is already a bit dark.

I was so amazed of the HK airport – vast, clean, modern, somewhat complicated…oh my geez… words aren’t enough! I am so used to seeing the local airports back home – simple, poor Internet connection, in a few minutes you’re up at the small pre-dep area. What amazed me more is that there’s a train down the underground to get to the main exit! It was really like “WOW” with my first ever train ride in HK!

My company at the airport, me at far right.
From the airport, it was a long drive in our tourist bus towards Kowloon, where our hotel was, in the business district. Since it was already nightfall, all the lights of HK went on and the metropolis was just so dazzling! I could only say to myself, “so this is the famous Hong Kong skyline” which was very apparent as we passed by bridges and road networks, as well as along the Victoria Harbour.

Passing through the tunnel...first time.

After we checked our luggage into the hotel, we immediately explored the vicinity. Oh by the way, I made a review for Largos Hotel at TripAdvisor. I was impressed with them so I just had kind words.
Largos Hotel facade at night.

Hotel reception area with Shelley Luk at the front desk...Sweet girl!

Our hotel room, small but cozy and clean.

Fortunately, Temple night market was just a walking distance, so we started our tour in search of dinner.

My first Chinese meal...forgot its name.

L-R: Felice, Doris, Jessie & Gina in Jordan...all smiles despite the starvation.

We found everywhere!

The next 3 days saw us in the popular attractions of HK, mingling with all other tourists of all ages and races, and like them, were braving the heat and exhaustion, not to mention the thirst and hunger from massive walking. But, it’s all worth it. Browse my photos and see if you agree with me.

Doris and Felice shopping for egg tart, coffee and other stuff at Seven Eleven.
A park we passed by going to Tsim Sha Tsui.

Felice holding an egg waffle.

Foggy Hong Kong skyline.

The views at Tsim Sha Tsui.

Along the Victoria Harbour

P.S. I have written separate blogs each for our city tour, Disneyland adventure and Ocean Park escapade. See my pics and you'll know how we made full use of our 5 days vacation which validates my first Hong Kong experience was like ‘WOW’

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